Please Buy a Microphone.

Christopher Balkaran
5 min readMay 11, 2020
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Video and audio conferencing will play a bigger role in the business world once COVID-19 has passed.

Connectivity has never been more important in an age of self-isolation and physical distancing. Had this pandemic occurred in the 1990s, working from home with full connectivity would be downright impossible. Today, thanks to advanced satellite and internet infrastructure, we are as connected to all of our office files from our kitchen tables as we are in the office.

Internet infrastructure has allowed for the possibility of video-conferencing. The picture quality has substantively improved from the USB-webcams of the not-too-distant past: 720p seems to be standard. It’s not the best, but I’m sure manufacturers are contemplating 1080p and even 4k camera options in subsequent laptop updates.

Often overlooked is audio and the quality of our voice. While I’m not an audio engineer, I do find myself more engaged when I can hear the rich, full sound vibrations from a voice. Unfortunately, the unique vocal varieties and depth become compressed into a digital streaming file when we are online. Not to mention, built-in microphones have their limitations. Combined, these eliminate the fullness of a voice. As a result, all of the important vocal baritones, trebles and mids get digitized and your voice becomes compressed and fundamentally altered. Thankfully, technology has improved and this alteration is not as severe, but it is still there.

One way to recapture your vocal richness is through an external microphone. This relatively inexpensive investment can bring your ideas to fruition more clearly and provide your listeners with a better listening experience.

Any Microphone is an Upgrade

As teleconferencing becomes more normalized in a post-COVID19 world, video and audio quality will become paramount. Much like business attire in the office, you want people to be focusing on what you’re saying, not (in this case) on the audio quality.

I know you might be thinking that audio is not a big deal. After all, it’s good enough. I can easily hear my manager’s voice and instructions for an assignment. I get it.

And, elephant in the room here: yes a microphone is just another piece of tech to clutter your…



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