3 Reasons Why the E-Reader is Perfect for Minimalists

Oh, and for those that love reading too.

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Now, what?

Are these to collect dust? Will I haul the hardcover 700-page work on the Aztec Empire while travelling? Or, will it sit there? On my shelf. As a testament to my reading?

Physical Books and Ergonomics.

E-readers are nothing new and have been around for at least a decade. And yet, bookshelves remain packed. In fact, Ikea’s Billy Bookcase remains one of its top-selling items of all time.

The Form Factor.

I’ll admit there is something about reading a physical book. Turning a page ignites the touch and feel of paper between the fingers. Aural sensations are enlivened with every page turn.

It’s Easy(ier) on the Eyes.

Within an hour of use, the effects of using a computer sink in. The muscles in your neck, shoulders and back feel the reality of sitting for extended periods. For many, reading a e-book on a computer is not possible for these reasons. There is something to be said for the soothing comfort of curling up with a great book without gazing into a screen emitting blue rays.

De-Clutter with an E-Reader

Physical books will always have a place in our lives. Nothing can replace the touch, feel and aural sensations heightened as a result of flipping through a book. The maps, photographs and imagery found in physical books cannot easily be replicated on an E-reader. The screen would need to have a higher pixel density, faster refresh rates and emit more blue light in the process.

Christopher is a firm believer in balanced political discourse, which can lead to a better world. Creator of the Strong and Free Podcast.

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